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Create blog and make adsense approval in 20 days

I. Introduction:

Hi! Surely when you read this article, you must also have read through many reports about keywords or searching on google:

"Guide to register successfully on google".
"What to do when google adsense rejected my application?"
"Is my blog eligible for AdSense?". 
"What are the requirements of Google AdSense for the website?"... etc

Not only you, but I also did that too. I also read a lot of articles like that and everything they wrote was true, I followed them and as they said, I also registered to make money with google adsense successfully. But why did I write this article, while out there were full of essentially useful information to register with google adsense.

This article is different from the others, I will report the process from A to Z to have an active website and a Google Adsense account that would be approved by Google within 20 days.

That's right, you have not heard wrong. When I said from A to Z, it meant I would start from brainstorming blogging ideas, buying a domain name, buying hosting, installing, writing articles, etc. And finally, registering Google Adsense successfully with specific examples without bushing around the bush. This article will be suitable for both the old and new people.

I will not guarantee 100% success if you follow everything, but this is what I did to get approved by Google Adsense. I want you to use it as a reference, not to follow it 100%, to have a more specific view, to understand the work that need to be done in general. Enough saying, now let’s start on the main tasks.

II. Jan 18, 2020, 8:00: Brainstorming.

  • I started searching and chose a niche which was " best android game rpg" . I don't have enough time now to explain why I chose that topic, this is a long topic story with many details around it. Just view it as the topic that I use as an example to show you more intuitively . If you want to find out, search the following keywords "best, top niche blog with adsense" on google.
  • Next, I chose "" as the main domain name.
  • Found keywords related to the above topic.
  • Wordpress was the blogging platform I wanted to target. I chose it because it had everything I need. It was fast and powerful. If you do not want to use it, that's okay, there are many other platforms for you to choose from.

III. Jan 20, 2020, 15:07: Install and launch blog

1. Install hosting for blog.

After having a topic and a domain name, I started looking for a server to get my website running as smoothly as possible. After so many google search results, I found Bluehost that met all the criteria I needed:

Click image and check bluehost
Click image and check bluehost
  • Free domain for 1 year .
  • Free SSL for domain. Required if you want to sign up with Google Adsense.
  • Installing wordpress quickly with just 1 click.
  • Bluehost is having a promotion which is $3.95/month, which is a great thing for me. You can check it right here >>Bluehost<<
  • The special feature that I like the most at Bluehost is that everything is wrapped up in 1 tool, which is quickly deployed and stable. I signed up Bluehost that afternoon and with a few simple steps, I had a blog as I wanted.

2. Setting blog.

  • Install Wordpress theme: Choosing this theme is relatively simple, no need for premium themes, free themes are everywhere you just have to search on google. Choose the simplest possible theme.
  • Added Page.
    • Contact page.
    • The privacy policy page is very necessary, please try to improve it in the most comprehensive way possible.
    • Site-map.
  • Wrote the title tag, description, meta tags which were helpful for seo.
  • The plugins we used were just free ones.
List wordpress plugin.
List wordpress plugin.

It didn't take that much time, I deliberately extended the time to give the domain more days old. If you've ever worked with wordpress then I bet these would only take a few hours of your time.

IV. Jan 31 2020, 09:33: Writing articles for [extremely important].

After completing the initial setup steps, I started writing articles for the website. This is the most important step and has the highest success rate. You need to focus and take an understanding of this step.

  • You must write from 10-20 posts.
  • Themes must be suitable for the website.
  • Articles must have 400-500 words and contain at least one image.
  • You can refer to other articles to build content for the blog, but do not copy the whole or a sentence that is too long.
  • Your content must not violate google policies. You cannot violate this at all.

Those requirements are simple for those of you who are capable of writing. But for people who are poor at writing or don't have enough time to practice writing like me, this might seem like a pain. I finally found a solution and chose Fiverr as a way to handle this problem.

I finally found a solution and chose Fiverr as a way to handle this problem.

link fiverr

Click >>here<< to see both the site and my step by step, I don't want you to miss this. Fiverr is an extremely bustling service market, you can sell or buy any service as long as you have the needs to ensure efficiency and time. Buying articles at Fiverr is extremely simple and there are many service sellers here. Your job is to go up there and choose the service that suits your needs.

search keyword "write adsense" on fiverr
search keyword "write adsense" on fiverr

As shown above, I would start searching for the service I need with the "write adsense" keyword in Fiverr and I have found a person named talha_khan7 and I thought this person could help me with my work. This person had a 20-article writing service for $ 10. OMG, can it be any cheaper? 

List of services by keyword in fiverr
List of services by keyword in fiverr

And pay attention, there are many people are working on this service so you can also choose others depending on how you trust them. And no matter how low or high the price is, everything has its value. You should choose and try, then you will have experience

Next, I registered an account and proceeded to pay for the service, everything was quite simple and fast.

Order payment at fiverr.
Order payment at fiverr.

After paying for the order, I needed to go to the Wordpress’s admin section to add a user, I installed an user to have the right to write articles on my website and send it to talha_khan7

Create users who write content on your blog.
Create users who write content on your blog.

To be sure, you can also include some information about the content you want to write by a form. This form will be displayed after the order has been completed, look at the picture below.

Write a request for your content.
Write a request for your content.

Finally, at this step, click on Start Order and just wait. While waiting for the article to be completed, I learned more free seo courses at google to arm myself necessary knowledge to help me make the most money with google adsense.

V. Feb 03, 2020, 02:52: 20 posts were completed.

My seller eventually completed 20 posts quickly and couldn't be more perfect. Using your money to redeem your time. You can write 15 - 20 articles in 1 week or 2 weeks and save $10, but is it really worth it? I think you should spend that time focusing on a larger, more strategic article.

I was pleased with my experience on Fiverr so I rated him 5 stars and sent him compliments ?. This is the result after 3 days of waiting, 20 articles, you can visit // for reference.

Articles of the blog
Articles of the blog

After having the articles, I edited the website a little bit to make it pretty and continued to wait for 2 or 3 more days for google to update my articles. This is also quite important, do not rush to do anything. Just wait until you type "site:" in google and it shows as the image below

The posts that google has updated.

VI. Feb 6, 2020, 08:16: Signed up for google adsense and wait for the results.

I signed up for google adsense with a completely new gmail. In this part, I will not guide you in detail, instead, I will just say briefly about it, because on google there have been many tutorials for registering google adsense and instructions for getting google pin, or to add ads to the website … etc. And you should remember that no matter what you do, you must absolutely comply with all regulations of google

Registration email and Google Adsense approval email.
Registration email and Google Adsense approval email.
Google Adsense approval
Google Adsense approval

In the picture above, you can also see that after 2 days my site was approved by Google to make money. The ad also appears shortly after:

Advertising has appeared on the blog
Advertising has appeared on the blog

VII. Result: Learn from what happened

  1. You don’t have to have a website/blog older than 6 months
  2. You don’t have to have traffic users, but it’s better if you do.
  3. "Content Is King".

Too easy right? But that's just the account registration part. To make a lot of money from Google Adsense is another concept and that's the hardest thing. You have to arm yourself with more knowledge about seo, write more articles instead of hiring services.

Good luck!.