Powerful Features of SmailPro's Temporary Email Service

SmailPro offers a secure temporary email service for today's digital needs. With features enhancing privacy, productivity, and convenience, it caters to both casual users and developers. SmailPro's disposable email capabilities stand out in the temp mail generator market.

Temporary Gmail and Outlook Accounts

SmailPro stands out from other temporary email providers by offering not only conventional domain names but also temporary Gmail and Outlook accounts. Users can receive messages from any website using email addresses ending in @gmail.com and @outlook.com. With a constantly updated pool of approximately 5,000 Gmail accounts and 3,000 Outlook accounts, SmailPro ensures that users are never blocked when using these temporary email services.

Instant Email Generation

One of the standout features of SmailPro's temporary email service is the ability to instantly create disposable email addresses. This rapid email generation process is a game-changer for users who need quick access to email addresses without the hassle of traditional registration procedures.

The instant email creation feature is particularly useful in scenarios where you need to:

  1. Use the service immediately after accessing the website without going through complex user registration steps.
  2. Participate in online forums or discussions anonymously.
  3. Test email functionality in software development.
  4. Avoid spam in your primary inbox when signing up for promotions.

SmailPro's temporary email generator ensures that you can have a functional email address at your fingertips in just seconds. This speed and convenience make it an invaluable tool for both personal and professional use.

Customizable Email Addresses

With customizable email addresses, users can choose to use disposable or temporary email addresses, permanent email addresses, or 10-minute email addresses for various purposes. SmailPro allows users to select from more than 20 popular domain names and randomly generate usernames to quickly create emails. Additionally, SmailPro provides .edu domain names, enabling users to receive student incentives.

The customization options are particularly extensive for temporary Gmail accounts:

  • Select between alias or real Gmail accounts
  • Utilize the dot concept in Gmail to create 10,000 different variants from a single account
  • Choose Gmail accounts in order or randomly from a pool of 5,000 accounts
  • Use both Gmail.com and Googlemail.com for the same account

Temporary Outlook accounts offer the same flexibility and customization as Gmail accounts.

Email History and Storage

SmailPro provides historical features for all members. Free members can save the most recent 50 emails in local browsers, while paid members can store up to 500 addresses on SmailPro servers. This allows users to access their temporary email history conveniently.

Multiple Inbox Management

As our online activities continue to expand, managing multiple email addresses is becoming increasingly common. SmailPro addresses this need with its powerful multi-inbox management feature. This capability allows users to create and simultaneously monitor several temporary email addresses, all from a single user-friendly interface.

The multi-inbox management system is designed with efficiency in mind. Users can easily switch between different inboxes, view messages from all email addresses, and take advantage of email sorting and archiving tools to maintain a clean, uncluttered email environment.

API Access for Developers

For the more technically inclined users, SmailPro offers API access, opening up a world of possibilities for developers and businesses looking to integrate temporary email functionality into their own applications or services.

The API access feature enables developers to:

  1. Programmatically create and manage temporary email addresses
  2. Automate email verification processes in applications
  3. Integrate disposable email capabilities into existing software solutions
  4. Build custom tools and services around SmailPro's temporary email infrastructure

This level of access and integration potential makes SmailPro an attractive option for businesses and developers looking to leverage temporary email features in their own products or internal processes. The API documentation provided by SmailPro ensures that integration is straightforward and efficient.

Multi-Platform Applications

In addition to its web-based service, SmailPro offers multi-platform applications for Android, iOS, Amazon, and browser extensions. These apps provide users with convenient access to their temporary email accounts on various devices and platforms.


SmailPro stands out as a leading temporary email service with comprehensive features meeting diverse user needs. Its unique offerings, such as temporary Gmail and Outlook accounts, extensive customization options, email history and storage, multi-inbox management, API access for developers, and multi-platform applications, make it a top choice for both casual and professional users in the disposable email market. With its commitment to security and privacy, SmailPro provides a powerful solution for privacy protection and efficient email management in the digital age.