Offering Best Temp Gmail Service

With Smailpro you can create different types of temporary email addresses like disposable or temp gmail addresses, permanent or 10-minute email addresses...etc. Easy to use with people of all ages with a simple click.

In addition to the normal domain email addresses, we also have special email addresses that are Temporary Gmail ( and Temporary Outlook ( Access the tool using the button below.

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I. The reason you choose us.

1. Create temporary emails easily and quickly

Just open the tool and you will immediately have a temporary email address to use. The mailbox of that email address is also designed right in the tool, making it even simpler to receive and read messages.

2. The speed of receiving messages of disposable email is very fast

Through many tool upgrades, Smailpro now has a very fast message receiving speed. All messages sent to temporary email addresses are measured to be under 10s

3. Delete or restore at any time

After using it, you can completely delete that email address permanently or restore it whenever you want. All you need to do is remember the name of the email address you used to use.

4. Protect user identity

No one will know who you are, where you come from, what email address you created, what the message read. Even us

5. Can't be blocked

There are many temporary email address finder and detection tools to block it. But for Smailpro disposable email it cannot be prevented, because in addition to the regular domain names we also provide temporary Gmail ( ) and temporary Outlook (

6. Domain diversity

Currently, we offer a lot of beautiful domain names for temporary email addresses. This gives credibility to the email address when one looks at it. In addition, we also replace or add new domain names regularly to give you a variety of choices.

II. Frequently asked questions (FAQ).

What Is a Temporary Email?

Basically, a temporary or disposable email address allows you to sign up for a website, app or online service without entering your personal information, so you're not going to have to deal with constant junk mail. These forms of email addresses are created and personalized for a particular reason and you can delete or discard them until this reason is completed, which does not impact your personal mail inbox, ensuring that you can continue to receive daily emails that are not mixed with spam messages or junk mail.

How long does a temporary email address last?

The temporary email address you create will last forever until you delete it or the domain name is replaced with a new one.

What's the difference between Temporary Gmail and Temporary Email?

Temporary Gmail aka "Temp Gmail" is completely different from Temporary Email. The main difference is that temporary gmail uses the domain a Google service, while temporary email uses other regular domains, e.g. (,, .etc)

What is "Temporary Outlook"?

Temporary Outlook are temporary email addresses with the domain name or Both of these domains are under Microsoft's service

Can I send mail?

Not now. Maybe the following updates will be available

How to delete temporary email address or message?

To delete a message or temporary email address that you have created, simply create a new email address, and the previous email and messages will be completely deleted.

How long will these domains last?

In addition to temporary Gmail ( and temporary Outlook ( exist permanently. Then other domains will last for 1 to 2 years or more depending on the service policy

I want the password of the Gmail and Outlook accounts you provided?

This is not possible, you can only use Gmail and Outlook email addresses to receive mail. But can't own those accounts.