Temp Mail

This is a tool that helps you create a temporary email address quickly and for free. Temp mail will help protect you from spam, malware, and buying and selling user information.

Lately, to trade in personal information is becoming increasingly complicated. Smailpro assist in providing a temp mail address in making sure protecting your records, rather than using your official mail. Its duty is to collect all letters of advertising, virus letters, spam letters or damage codes etc and provide you with required important mails. Temp Gmail also supports anonymous users, making your information secure when you use services that you suspect is cheating, exchanging information and confidential service that you do not want your details to be made public. All of them permanently will remain in a non-owner Temp Gmail.

What Is a Temporary Email?

Basically, a temporary or disposable email address allows you to sign up for a website, app or online service without entering your personal information, so you're not going to have to deal with constant junk mail. These forms of email addresses are created and personalized for a particular reason and you can delete or discard them until this reason is completed, which does not impact your personal mail inbox, ensuring that you can continue to receive daily emails that are not mixed with spam messages or junk mail.

What’s New

  • Add 2 new domain for premum accounts.
  • Api Temp Gmail, Temp Mail is currently available.


October 28, 2020
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